Welcome to ELITE Palmdale!

Welcome to Antelope Valley’s best, fastest growing and most complete state-of-the-art martial arts, combat sports and fitness training facility! If you are interested in learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, be it competitively, to stay in shape or just for fun, ELITE is the right gym for you!!

Unquestionably, the benefits of self-confidence are life-changing! Whether, you are simply looking for a fun way to get in the best shape of your life or you are a beginner who has never trained any martial art and would like to be introduced to the world of combat sports, we guarantee our classes can help you build confidence, develop a positive attitude and build a strong body and mind!

Whatever your goal or experience level, our wide range of class offerings will help you get to the next level! Not to mention the fact that you’ll join a supportive community of ELITE members who share some of your passions and aspirations. Around here, we call such blessing our "ELITE FAMILY"! Needless to say all of that adds up to an amazing experience we guarantee you won’t find anywhere else here in the Antelope Valley!

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